Pond in need of repair and cleaning

Solving your pond’s dirty water problems

Art of the Yard provides the best landscaping designs, but today we want to discuss the reasons for dirty pond water in custom water features. These include:

1. Debris tea: When the pine needles and leaves fall, they release tannin which turns the water an unpleasant shade of brown.

2. Sediment stew: This is wet debris which breaks down and forms a mix of sediment at the bottom of the pond.

Debris tea or sediment stew?

Simply fill a jar of pond water and let it settle for 24 hrs. If the jar is filled with sediments at the bottom, you have sediment stew. If the water is still brown, then it’s debris tea.

How do you clean the pond?

– First, clean the bottom of the pond with a vacuum or skimmer to get the organic material out.
– Then do a partial water change.
– Finally, treat the water with a water conditioner.

If you have a problem with sediment, add good bacteria to the water to eat any organic debris. If you’re struggling with debris tea, throw a bag of activated carbon into the water to absorb any excess tannin.

Ultimately, regular maintenance and cleaning of the organic material will keep your pond clean.

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