Contemporary Water Features

Art of The Yard, Serving Denver, Colorado

If your personal style or your home’s architecture are modern, our experts at Art of the Yard in Denver are the masters of contemporary water features. While many of our customers in the metro area tend to go with water features that replicate Colorado’s stunning land and waterscapes, we can absolutely appreciate and build to any style you want us to draw from.

Choosing Contemporary Water Features

Whether you live in a loft downtown with minimal outdoor space or have a newly renovated modern home on the edge of the city, Art of the Yard will help you plan, design and build a contemporary water feature that blends seamlessly with its surroundings.

Water Features

A modern or contemporary water feature has a very specific aesthetic. Here, we go for linear design, geometric shapes in repeating patterns, straight lines and sharp angles, and a monochromatic color scheme. We can go minimalist or industrial, such as having a single scupper (water spout) centered in a concrete wall with water cascading into a steel basin where it’s recycled back through the system.

waterfall Art of the Yard Denver

Water Fountains

Even a small urban patio or courtyard space can benefit from a contemporary water feature such as a fountain. Using materials like glass, polished metals, sleek stone, or something more industrial like concrete, your fountain can be built in nearly any shape and size. For smaller areas, we can build into an existing wall or control water flow, such as using a bubbler mechanism.

What’s So Great About Contemporary Water Features?

In the design world, a modern aesthetic is often considered to be cold and impersonal. But, what better way to silence the naysayers than with a contemporary water feature. It’s a great way to bring nature, movement and character into your yard space without having to sacrifice your style preferences. Get in touch with Art of the Yard in Denver today and let us help you find the perefect balance.

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