Don’t forget about maintaining your pond once it has been installed. Your pond will need regular maintenance and don’t wait too long or a regular cleaning and maintenance service can turn into a more expensive and dirty job. So get a head start and schedule a regular pond cleaning service today.
 In order to keep a well-kept, healthy pond, it must be cleaned regularly. If you are not the type to put on your boots and get your hands dirty, then let us make your life easier. Let Art of the Yard take care of you with our pond cleaning service. Our trained yard and garden specialists will keep your pond in spectacular condition, alerting you of any special needs your plants may need. We like to make our pond service nice and easy for you to follow-up with. We will even call and schedule a visit so you don’t have to.
Art of the Yard knows how busy our clients are and appreciates those needs. We will even remind you and prepare your pond for winter when needed. Keep your pond beautiful. Call us today!

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