Pondless Water Features

Art of The Yard, Serving Denver, Colorado

If you’ve been dreaming about adding pondless water features, Art of the Yard in Denver can have yours installed in as little as two or three days and with very little disruption to your busy life. Our professional team has the expertise to transform any area, whether you want to add a stylish water feature to a front entryway or create a Rocky Mountain escape in your backyard.

pondless water features

Choosing Pondless Water Features

There are many ways to bring the element of water to your yard, as well as an infinite number of styles. Let us provide a custom water feature that achieves the perfect look while adhering to your budget.

Disappearing Water

Art of the Yard creates pondless water features with disappearing water, meaning there’s no pooling. The water is actually filtered through a gravel or rock basin, then recycled back through the system. If you have small children at home, this is a great way to ensure their safety.

Streams & Waterfalls

These pondless water features are highly versatile and can even be installed in the most minimal of spaces – walkways and entryways, side yards and slopes. We’ll work with your existing landscape or hardscape and create a water feature that naturally fits right in.

What’s So Great About Pondless Water Features?

Trade street noise for the tranquil sound of a waterfall or stream. Relax after work in your own backyard retreat. And if you ever decide to sell your home, create wow factor for prospective buyers. Pondless water features also come with some very attractive and practical benefits.

They’re virtually maintenance free. Simply refill the reservoir every few weeks to compensate for water loss due to evaporation, or let us install an auto-fill to maintain your water level automatically.

A pondless water feature is energy efficient. We call it “water on demand”. Turn it on when you want it, and off when you don’t. We can also set up a timer to start up in the morning and shut off at night.

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