Landscape and Retaining Walls

Art of The Yard, Serving Denver, Colorado

When you think of landscape and retaining walls, you might picture a functional structure designed to stabilize and prevent erosion issues for homes built on a hill or slope. Our Art of the Yard experts agree, however, many of our customers here in Denver have discovered that these walls can be so much more. They add interest, dimension and texture, instantly changing the feel of your yard. A backyard hill buried in weeds can be transformed into a tiered garden complete with a sitting area and even a water feature.

Landscape and retaining walls come in all types of materials, colors, sizes and shapes. Choose from brick, stone, wood, natural rock and more. This flexibility enables you to create a new feature wall or renovate an existing one to enhance your property and make your yard a more enjoyable space for your family.

Expertise in Landscape and Retaining Walls

Whether you have a gentle slope or something more pronounced, landscape and retaining walls from Art of the Yard will be designed and built to provide you with both aesthetics and function. We take a number of factors into consideration to provide you with the very best outcome:

  • Wall Location – We’ll first plan optimal wall placement taking factors into consideration such as nearby structures and providing proper clearance.
  • Base Material – To ensure stability, we’ll examine your property then implement the ideal base material to build a solid, long-lasting wall foundation.
  • Draining – To avoid moisture build-up and pressure, our team uses a gravel backfill along with pipes to ensure water drains away from the wall.
  • Wall Design – Depending on the site for a landscape and retaining wall, we’ll design and choose materials that provide both function and beauty.

Retaining Wall, No Hill Necessary

Is your yard flat? Do you feel like you’re missing out? Art of the Yard in Denver can still create dimension with landscape and retaining walls used as garden edging. Build flower beds, define outdoor spaces, and keep mulch or soil contained. A wall feature provides an instant boost of style and practicality.

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