Stone Patios and Walkways

Art of The Yard, Serving Denver, Colorado

Denver homeowners choose stone patios and walkways for good reason – they look great and they last forever. At Art of the Yard, we can help you add the natural beauty of stone to any property big or small. Expand your outdoor living space, create a path to your garden, or use a textured stone to create a safer pool deck. We’ll help you choose the right type of stone for your patios and walkways, as well as provide expert landscape design and professional installation.

ICPI Certified Concrete Paver Installers

We Employ ICPI Certified Installers, Online courses, live in-person course registration, installer certification, webinars, and other design and technical resources… the ICPI educates more professionals and students about concrete paver design and construction than any other organization in the United States and Canada.

flagstone steps next to rock waterfall

The Benefits of Stone Patios and Walkways

Besides helping to keep your grass from being trampled and ruined by heavy foot traffic, stone patios and walkways offer a wide variety of benefits over other materials. Let’s take a look.

  • Flexible Style – With many different types of stone available, such as slate or sandstone, and the ability choose a natural, irregular look or request a symmetrical cut, stone can be incorporated into nearly any landscape design and any style of home. You can even choose colors that blend with your softscape or coordinate with your house paint. As an accent, we can also add grass or other natural materials between the stone to complete the look. It’s all up to your preferences.
  • Good for Your Feet – Stone patios and walkways are typically more comfortable during the summer. On sizzling summer days, they’ll stay far cooler than brick and even concrete. If heat retention is a concern, we can also help you choose the best stone type and color to keep toes cool. Stone is also a good option if you have a pool – its natural texture provides better grip for wet feet.
  • No Maintenance – As a natural material, there’s no major upkeep or cleaning required for stone. It stands up to all types of weather and is crack resistant despite Colorado’s cycle of freeze and thaw. Plus, stone won’t stain like concrete, even if a party guest spills a glass of wine or a garden tool gets left out to rust during a rainstorm. Many of our customers actually enjoy seeing their stone work age and take on more natural character over the years.

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