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The Benefits of a Water Feature

Your backyard is almost perfect, but there’s something missing. A custom water feature could be just the thing to turn your space into a relaxing retreat. A water feature can help reduce stress, block unwanted noises such as traffic sounds or noisy neighbors, and raise your property value. Art of the Yard water feature contractors in Denver, Colorado offer landscaping design and contracting services to help you realize your dreams.

Your Health

Did you know that just looking at water such as a fountain, waterfall, or stream for a period of time can take your heart rate and blood pressure back to normal levels? Being around water can help to soothe you. Flowing water is known to emit negative ions, which helps to reduce stress, and humid air can actually help your lungs do their job, making it easier to breathe.

The Environment

A water feature goes beyond improving the look of your backyard. Remember those negative ions? Negative ions can also help purify the air by attracting dust particles, and the evaporation of water helps to filter out pollution.

Property Values

Properties that have the added benefit of the services of a professional landscape company are generally valued higher than properties without. A water feature could make your property more attractive to potential buyers and give you an advantage over others on the market.

When you have a water feature designed and installed by Art of the Yard, you know it will be done right. Their designers will make sure that it fits in perfectly with your landscape instead of feeling like an afterthought. Call Art of the Yard today to get going on your perfect retreat today!

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