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Factors to Consider Before Adding Outdoor Water Fountains

An outdoor water fountain is a beautiful and exciting addition to any landscaping. Before you purchase a new fountain, though, there are some things you should consider.


Outdoor water fountains can range in price greatly e. You should probably set a budget for your new water fountain up front and then use that to help narrow your search while shopping. If you’re choosing a landscape contractor or similar service company to design your new outdoor water fountain, you can discuss your price range with them to find a beautiful and still affordable solution.


When it comes to style options for outdoor water fountains, the list is practically endless. There are gorgeous water fountains in the style of waterfalls. There are birdbath-style fountains and decorative statue fountains. On the more modern side of things, there are sleek fountains built right into stone fixtures. They’re elegant and sophisticated and a great addition to any backyard. Whatever your style preferences, you’ll be able to find an outdoor water fountain that suits your vision.


You’re not limited when it comes to material options for your outdoor water fountains, either.

One stunning material to make an outdoor water fountain out of is cast stone. This popular material blends in well with the nature around it and will hold up well over time. It’s somewhat more expensive than some of the other material options but well worth the investment.

Metal is another material that you might choose for your outdoor water fountain. Metal can stand out nicely amongst the green and brown of nature. For a permanent fountain, metal is a great material choice.

Glass and concrete are two other materials that you might choose for your new outdoor water fountain.

Ready to Install a New Outdoor Water Fountain?

Once you’ve decided to install a new outdoor water fountain, it’s a great idea to turn to the experts. At Art Of The Yard, we’ve been installing and perfecting outdoor water fountains for years. Contact us today to start planning your new fountain!

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