Is a Contemporary Water Feature Right for You?

Is a Contemporary Water Feature Right for You?Is a contemporary water feature right for you? To help you answer the question, Art of the Yard in Denver offers you some tips and advice. There are lots of advantages to installing a contemporary water feature in your garden, so we’re here to help you see what one could do for your outdoor space. 


Water features naturally command attention and draw the eye. That makes them a great way to spruce up a tired outdoor space, create a focal point for your outdoor room design, or even distract from less than desirable views like power lines.

Unique Style

There are so many different types of contemporary water features to choose from that you can easily customize their appearance. Different types create different ambiances, and you can use color and style to create a unique look that complements your yard or garden. Different designs should also connect with your personality and harmonize with the style of your home. 

Easy Maintenance

Depending on the type of contemporary water feature you choose, they can be an excellent way to cut down on maintenance. This type of water feature will only need to be cleaned once in a while whereas plants may require constant watering, weeding, pruning and or other care. Plus, depending on the style, you can often just let your plants run a little wild around your water feature to create a fun jungle look. 

Natural Attraction

Water is life-giving and as such always attracts living things. After you install a contemporary water feature, don’t be surprised if you notice more colorful butterflies and birds flitting around your yard and even other small critters like frogs and squirrels.

For some reason, humans are drawn to the sound of water, and it makes for an inviting, relaxing oasis when you can hear gentle splashes. They also can encourage more outdoor activities and add great atmosphere to your barbecue get-togethers. You might even find yourself more inclined to invite your friends over to show off and enjoy your new garden piece.

Enlarge your Space

Water is reflective. Just like a mirror that can make a smaller room appear larger, the right water feature can make a smaller yard appear larger. The reflections can also open and brighten up your space.


The sound of water conveys a sense of tranquility and peace. We naturally associate these sounds with relaxation, and there is nothing more calming than spending a lazy summer afternoon than napping in a hammock swaying gently in the breeze and listening to the serene sounds of your water feature.

So, is a contemporary water feature right for you? Maybe you are still uncertain. You can always speak to one of our experts here at Art of the Yard, and we will help you decide if and what is the best type of water feature for your space. One thing we’re sure of, with our expertise we can help you create the outdoor oasis of your dreams. We know you’ll enjoy it for years to come!

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