waterfall and firepit on a flagstone patio

Garden or yard a little flat?

By this, we don’t mean uninteresting! Simply that some gardens have inclines, even hillside positioning – and others don’t. If your garden is on the level, then it’s easy to assume that there is no need for retaining or landscape walls.

However, careful placement of such features can create a new dimension to the appearance of your garden or yard. Their uses can include:

  • Providing stylish garden edging
  • Help build outstanding flowerbeds
  • Help define key outdoor spaces on your property
  • Act as a containing device for soil or mulch

So, if you’re not a mountaineer gardener, we’ll level with you about what carefully positioned walls can add to your property. To talk about this, call 303-204-0456 and speak with our landscape design team here at Art of the Yard.

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