Caring For Your Koi Pond Year Round

A Koi Pond provides a peaceful and quiet place to help you escape from the stress of everyday life.  It is also the perfect way to add beauty to any outdoor space.  But having a Koi pond does require maintenance to keep it healthy and attractive.

There are so many products available to use in water gardens that are quite overwhelming.  Special care is specific to each pond.  With the proper care from the beginning, you can avoid costly complications later on.  There are effective precautionary steps you can take to keep your Koi pond healthy year around.


  • Springtime is an important time to get your pond going in the right direction. Anything you did in the winter can be un-done in the spring.  Turn on the pump etc.
  • When the water temperature reaches a contact 50 degrees, start feeding the fish again. A cold weather food is important until the temperature reaches 60 degrees then move to a regular feeding schedule.
  • Remove any leaves or debris as well as vacuum the sludge from the bottom of the pond.
  • Pump the water from the pond into a large container and then place the fish into the container filled with the pond water. Once the pond is clean, pump the water back in and then put the fish into the pond.
  • Fertilize each plant and place at the appropriate
  • Begin cleaning the filter as needed.


  • Remove any dead foliage. Cut plants that have gone brown with age.  This reduces buildup and allows the plants more room to grow.
  • Feed the fish but don’t overfeed.
  • Continue clearing the filter


  • It’s important to keep the falling leaves from ending up in the pool causing decay. This decay will throw off the ecological balance of the water garden.
  • Installing leaf netting over the pond will make it easier to maintain.
  • Water temperature is dropping so it is important to feed the fish less. Once the temperature drops below 50 degrees – stop feeding until spring.
  • If you have a warm winter day, and the pond begins to warm up, do not be tempted to feed the fish.
  • Also, stop feeding plants. Clean debris from plants that are dying and put plants in deep enough water to keep roots from freezing
  • Prepare the pond. If you have a small or shallow pond, you may need a floating deicer to keep it above freezing.
  • If the temperature drops below 40 degrees, reduce the circulation of water by turning off the pump and draining it.

Caring for your Koi pond is both an art and science.   Maintenance for your Koi pond changes with the seasons. The health and survival of your plants and fish depend on upon this proper maintenance and care.   Art of the Yard can help you build and maintain a beautiful Koi pond protecting your investment.

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