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Add some magic to your garden with a pondless water feature

So many of us, as kids, wanted to be a magician when we grew up; or were thrilled by those tricks where items suddenly disappeared and then magically came back again.

It’s not exactly the same with a pondless water feature…but there is some magic involved in the way that they work.

What is a pondless water feature?

A pondless water feature is a re-circulating waterfall or stream where there is no pond present. When the water ‘disappears’, it’s actually being skillfully filtered through a rock or gravel basin area and is then recycled back through the system itself.

Adding a custom water feature of this sort can add interest, promote a calm ambiance and even act as the main focal point of your garden. The lack of pooling also makes this a popular and safe choice for gardens and outdoor spaces where young children play.

If you’d like to know more about our custom water features, simply call 303-204-0456 and speak to our water feature design team here at Art of the Yard.

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