Winter Pond Maintenance Denver

It is coming to that time of year when the pond in your yard needs to be tidied up and readied for the winter time. Art of the Yard’s winter pond maintenance is a great way to protect the pond and plants from the winter elements and get your pond ready to sleep through the cold seasons.

The team at Art of the Yardwill perform a thorough cleaning, check for leaks, repair any issues, winterize the pump, check and clean or replace the filters and more. We are the professionals at pond maintenance and we know how to do it right in Denver! The best way to get ready for spring is to make sure that your pond and water fall or water features are ready for winter. That way, when spring arrives, there will be only minimal preparation to get back into the swing of having a beautiful garden pond once again.
Call us at Art of the Yard for pond maintenance year round in Denver. With some care and attention, even in the cooler months, your pond will be ready for anything! 

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