All About Submersible Pond Pumps

If you are in the market for the perfect pump for your pond, you may be interested to know all about submersible pond pumps. Art of the Yard serves all the metro Denver areas and can help you find exactly what you need for your prized water feature. Our experts are always on hand to answer questions and offer the perfect advice. If you want to know more yourself first, though, just keep reading.

Submersible pond pumps are designed to work completely submerged in your pond, hence the name. They are best for small ponds and don’t run up your electric bill too much, making them a great economical option.

To determine what size you need, check out the gallons per hour (GPH). This measurement is how much water the pump can push through in one hour. Generally, you want all your water to run through in an hour, so for a 300-gallon pond, you’ll want a pump that works at 300 GPH.

Keep in mind, though, that waterfalls, filters, and UV clarifiers all will cause the pond to require a larger pump in order to pump the same amount of water. If you do have a waterfall, you will want to size up your pump 20-40% depending on your setup, and of course, the experts here at Art of the Yard can advise you on what is best.

Because of the extra stress that waterfalls put on the pump, often it is better to install a dedicated pump for the waterfall to relieve stress on your primary pump. Other things that affect the stress are the length of piping and number of bends in it and number of fittings. The stress level is significant because, the more stressed a pump, the lower its life expectancy, so it’s good to be aware of.

Speaking of longevity, a good submersible pump will come with at least a two-year warranty, so watch for that when purchasing. You should also double check that it comes with long enough cables, so you won’t have to plug cables together. Plus, be sure the cables come with three conductor wire. Aquarium pumps use two conductor wire and won’t work well for your pond. Of course, as always, when installing anything electric be sure to check and comply with your county’s electrical code requirements.

For the environmentally conscious, a newer magnetic drive pump is better than the older ones. They use water to lubricate the pump instead of oil which means there is no risk of contaminating your water. Plus, they use less energy which is also good news for your electric bill!

So now that you’re an expert and understand all about submersible pond pumps, it’s time to get out there and choose the right one! Well, just kidding. If you don’t feel quite the expert just yet, that’s okay. That’s what we’re here for at Art of the Yard, to help you pick out the perfect accessories needed to build the water feature that you’ve been dreaming of. Just give us a call today to get started!

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