Disappearing Water Feature

Something Missing from Your Landscape? Try Installing a Water Feature.

Installing a Water Feature Art of the Yard DenverIf you’ve added lush landscaping to your property and still feel like it’s missing some pizazz, get in touch with Art of the Yard in Denver to discuss installing a water feature.

You don’t need a huge estate to put in a gigantic fountain out front or koi pond in the backyard. In fact, we’ve worked with numerous clients to accentuate their small spaces with a pondless waterfall, even a more contemporary piece that adds a little zen to a cozy back patio.

Then again, if you do have an ample piece of property, we can design a water feature that’s as grand as the Rockies!

Let’s take a look at even more great reasons why you should consider installing a water feature.

Soothing Nature Sounds

Nothing is more enjoyable on a hot summer day than relaxing with an ice-cold glass of lemonade while listening to the sounds of a babbling brook. While most of us don’t live on a property with its own brook or stream, a well-designed water feature comes can recreate this natural wonder in your own backyard.

As Unique as You Want

Water features come in all sorts of designs, plus you can easily customize something that reflects your personal style. By coming to Art of the Yard for help installing a water feature, you can create a unique piece that brings your vision to life and is sure to garner compliments from your guests.

Low-Maintenance Yard Décor

With all the business of our lives today, we want our backyard to be a haven where we can relax but not have to put a lot of effort into keeping it that way. Otherwise, it defeats the purpose of having one.

A pondless water feature is incredibly easy to maintain. The circulating water keeps itself clean and doesn’t allow much of a chance for bacteria to grow. And you can always bring in our team to provide year-round, hassle-free water feature maintenance.

Attracts Beautiful Wildlife

Water is the source of all life, so don’t be surprised if installing a water feature leads to more colorful insects like dragonflies and butterflies flitting across your patio. You may even see more birds and other small wildlife making an appearance as well.

Adaptable to Small Spaces

If your yard isn’t very big, you may think you can’t enjoy serene water sounds because there simply isn’t room. However, there are an infinite number of designs, styles and options for water features.

You can choose a contemporary water feature that will bring a tight corner of your yard to life. You might even find something elegant for an awkward little spot that nothing else ever quite fit into.

If these benefits of installing a water feature have inspired you, give us a call here at Art of the Yard in Denver. Our expert staff years of experience and will help you choose just the right feature for your space. There’s no reason that you can’t have a little slice of paradise in your own backyard.


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