Retaining Wall Installation Denver

The installation of a retaining wall can be one of the single most practical and elegant landscaping decisions you can make.  Not only will it stabilize and shore up any slanted portions of your garden or yard, and provide usable level areas from the hilly or possibly eroding parts of your land, it also can provide a beautiful focal point for your outdoor space from a design perspective, that you can use to help make your garden and yard a personal expression of your style and a place that soothes you and brings you joy.  
There are a variety of types of retaining wall you can have installed to personalize and enrich your outdoor spaces, such as cantilever, gravity, piling or anchored, but the basic physics behind them are much the same. They are all constructed and designed with a goal of resisting the lateral pressure of the soil to change the angle, hilliness or grade of an area of land.
The different styles of wall use different methods to achieve those effects, and a landscape professional can consult with you about which type of retaining wall installation is right for your property.  In Denver, Art of the Yard offers a free consultation.

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