Now that it is getting warmer, you are probably spending more time in your yard, and may have noticed leaks that have developed in your backyard pond over the winter.  We can effectively repair leaking ponds in Denver so that you can get back to enjoying your beautiful backyard without any concerns.  Art of the Yardare your area experts on pond and water feature installation and repair, so whatever the cause of the leak in your pond, we have the experience to provide the repair that you need.

 It can be difficult to locate exactly where a leak is, especially when it is leaking slowly rather than pouring, and you often only notice these types of leaks because the water level drops for no obvious reason, but the team at Art of the Yard knows all of the tricks to find and repair the leak in your pond quickly and efficiently. We can also help you remodel your pond, or add a waterfall, fountain or other feature as well as providing full service landscaping design and construction. 
If your pond is not holding water, contact us online or by phone right away and we will come out and take care of it for you. 

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