Prepare Your Pond for Winter Denver

Prepare your pond for winterwith Art of the Yard’s pond maintenance services in Denver. We are the experts when it comes to taking care of cleaning and beautifying your garden pond in Denver.

Art of the Yard would love to prepare your pond for winter this year in Colorado. The benefits of far out weigh the costs of set up and scheduling. If you want to do it yourself, great! But if you do not feel like you have the time or energy, let us do it for you.
We have lots of great ways to prepare your pond for winter. We will provide protection to less cold temperature plants by moving or placing with other plants to form a natural cold weather barrier.
Often pipes and gauges can become brittle, we will winterize these exposed parts this decreasing the chance of breakage or cracks through the cold and winds of Colorado’s winters. You will save money in the springtime and it will take less time to get your pond in working order when the weather is mild. Let Art of the Yard prepare your pond for winter in Denver

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