You have enjoyed your beautiful backyard pond all spring, summer, and fall, but now that winter is on it’s way, you’re ready to shutdownyourpond for the season.  ArtoftheYardinDenver can come to your home and easily clean and prepare your your pond for it’s wintershutdown.  Some people might think that as long as they don’t have fish in their pond they can just leave it as is for the winter, but at the very least you should go into the cold with your pondshutdown and cleaned out thoroughly so you start the spring fresh, and many types of ponds should be drained for the winter so that freezing doesn’t cause any cracks in the concrete.   

There are many potential pondshutdown processes,  and every pond is unique and so to figure out which is the best plan for your pond, consult ArtoftheYard and let us help shutyourponddown for the season so that it is in perfect condition and ready to enjoy again first thing in the spring.   

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