If you are not taking down your backyard koi pond for the winter, you may want to consider some type of pond heatingsystem to keep your fish happy and healthy.  If you have a deep enough pond it can be over wintered without a heater without major negative effects, but with many ponds it is better to get a pond heaterto ensure your pond is comfortable and at a proper temperature all season.  Your fish can continue to grow and thrive through the cold Denver winter with pond heating from the trusted professionals at Art of the Yard

Our highly skilled experts can consult with you to see what type of pond heating you may need, and then artfully handle the installation of your system.   We have experience with a variety of types and sizes of ponds, so we know what heaters you need for whatever arrangement you are working with, and are completely prepared to install and maintain your pond heating system as well as any other maintenance, repair or updating your pond may be wanting for.  Contact us to see if your pond needs heating this winter, and if not, how to otherwise prepare for the cold.


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