Pond Design and Installation in Denver

There isn’t much in the world that is more peaceful and centering than a beautiful pond in your yard.  Whether you are looking for a koi pond, or one that is the staging center for a fountain or waterfall, the professionals in pond design and installation in Denver can help you get exactly what you are looking for. Imagine watching the water flow down your trickling fountain into your private pond as you listen to the soothing sounds it makes, or sitting next to your pond watching your koi fish swim their patterns beneath the surface.  

Art of the Yardcan make your dream pond happen, turning your backyard into a place that brings you joy and balance through the healing nature of moving water. We also offer other landscaping services, so that if you need a retaining wall or other feature besides your pond or fountain, we have you covered there too.  We have a full gallery of our work on our website, so you can get a solid idea of the sorts of things we can offer you.  Or you can just call us and schedule your appointment for a consultation and we can discuss your choices then.

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