If you’ve decided it is time to put in a patio or replace the one you have, you’re probably starting to think about patio design ideas. It is easy to stick to one of the basic traditional, simple patios, but with a little inspiration and help from trained professionals, you can have a patio that stands out and can be an extension of the comfort and style of your home.   You can incorporate your patio right in to your garden space, so it flows naturally from home to patio to garden, or use your patio as a clear division, as way to strongly define the difference between such spaces.    You can make it essentially an outdoor living room, with your grill or barbecue pit and seating area to relax and enjoy yourself built right in, or use it mostly as a play space and only bring the furniture out when it isn’t being used for recreation.
Once you really put some thought into it, your patio has endless possibilities, and whatever of those possibilities fits your home best, a consultation with someone who specializes in landscape and patio design can help you put it all together. Call Art of the Yard for a custom patio design and installation in Denver. 

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