There are many elements that need to be considered when doing landscape design. The basics mostly fall under usage. Aspects of landscape usage that you need to take in to mind when designing your yard include:
 Traffic: How do you need to use your yard spaces to get around your home?  Do you need extra consideration for parking, paths, or for access to a back door or shed?
Recreation: Do your children or pets use part of the space as a play area? Do You? You don’t want to sacrifice those play spaces for what may look most trendy in yard design right now.
Screening and Protection:  If you don’t like looking at your neighbor’s ugly car,  or the vacant lot across your yard, quality landscape design can shield you from it’s view.   If it’s too sunny to use your patio, there are design solutions that will provide you shade.
Vistas:  Is there something near or on your property that you have a near perfect view of?
Landscape design can help you get the best possible view, or frame the best parts with your yard and garden, so for example, you don’t see anything unattractive between your home and the mountainside.

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