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Koi pond owners should invest in tempered glass elements

Some koi owners believe that the only way they can enjoy these beloved fish is by looking at them from above. As one of the region’s top koi pond contractors, we know that plenty of other options exist. The following three tempered glass elements allow people to fully experience their koi at other viewing angles:

  1. Windows

Owners can replace the walls of above-ground ponds and below-ground ponds that extend above ground-level with one or more thick, tempered glass windows.

  1. Walls

An experienced designer can combine glass walls with other elements, such as brick or stone corner columns and non-rectangular, geometric glass shapes, to prevent a pond from looking like an over-sized fish tank.

  1. Towers

Koi pond owners who don’t want to renovate a lot can create more viewing angles by simply adding glass rectangular, cylindrical or bubble observation elements to their ponds that allow koi to float above the surface.

These three elements are also great at helping koi see the world beyond their small portion of it. Koi, like many types of fish, actually become fascinated with looking through the tempered glass as much as their owners. Talk today to one of our Art Of The Yard water feature design specialists about re-imagining your koi pond with tempered glass.

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