landscaping flagstone stairs and granite waterfall

Is your garden on a hillside or slope?

If the answer is ‘yes’ then we know that this can make gardening a bit more difficult. It can also mean that creating a stunning stand-out impression can have you racking your brains.

So, how about adding a retaining wall? Of course, it can help counter erosion problems by adding a level of stability. But that might just be the starting point. Such walls can add so much more to the outlook of your garden. Whether crafted in brick or stone, natural rock or even wood, they can help create a stunning tiered garden where only a featureless slope existed before. You might then even add a water feature or a seating area!

If you feel your garden is going downhill – and we only mean that literally – talk to our landscaping design team at Art Of The Yard to see what can be done…

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