Custom Water Feature Designs Denver

The design and installation of any type of custom water feature is a dramatic and beautiful enhancement to any yard space, but it can be hard to determine exactly which type of water feature best suits your space and tastes.  We can go over some of that in a blog post, but to really work out the custom water feature designs that will work for you, you’ll want to call Art of the Yardin Denver and go over all of your options with our landscaping and water feature experts.  

In general, though, there are some basic options when looking into custom water feature design.  Fountains of various artistic styles are a classic, and are available is sizes and decorative themes to fit in any space and decor,  from nature inspired rock fountains to classic statuary to modern art with water included.    Backyard waterfalls are another popular custom feature, bringing that peaceful trickle and soothing movement of water in a natural appearing setting to your home. And then there are ponds, either reflecting ponds or thriving koi ponds, with a carefully designed balance of plants to keep it lush and beautiful. 
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