5 Great Reasons to Add a Water Feature to Your Yard

5 Great Reasons to Add a Water Feature to Your YardNeed 5 great reasons to add a water feature to your yard? At Art of the Yard in Denver, Colorado we actually have about 1,000 reasons but will focus on the top of our charts. Whether you’ve already been considering a water feature or you’ve just been wondering how you can add some extra pizzazz to your garden, this article will help you decide if a new water feature is right for you. 

  1. Soothing nature sounds

Nothing is more pleasurable on a hot summer day than relaxing in your own backyard with a nice cold glass of lemonade and listening to the sounds of a babbling brook. Well, most of us don’t have the fortune of having a babbling brook running through our backyard. That’s where a well-designed water feature comes in handy. Skip the electronic nature noise maker on your computer and relax to the soothing sound of water.

  1. Help the eco-system and attract wildlife

Water is the source of all life and as such, always attracts it. Don’t be surprised if after the installation of your water feature you start noticing more colorful insects like dragonflies and butterflies flitting across your patio. You’ll probably see more birds and other small wildlife making an appearance as well.

  1. Adaptable to small spaces

Maybe your yard isn’t very big, and you think it can’t enjoy serene water sounds because there isn’t room for anything. However, there are many designs and styles of water features. You can choose a contemporary water feature that will fit in the most innocuous corner of your yard. Who knows? You might even find something elegant for an awkward little spot that you thought was virtually useless.

  1. Low maintenance yard decoration

With all the business of our lives today, we want our backyard to be a haven where we can relax but not have to put a lot of effort into keeping it that way. Otherwise, it defeats the purpose of having one. A pondless water feature is incredibly easy to maintain. The circulating water keeps itself clean and doesn’t allow much of a chance for bacteria to grow. And you can always bring in our team to provide year-round, hassle-free water feature maintenance.

  1. Uniqueness

Water features come in all sorts of designs and styles, so you can easily customize, to create the backyard focal point of your dreams. With the help of Art of the Yard, you can create a unique piece that reflects your style and is sure to garner compliments from your guests.

If these 5 great reasons to add a water feature to your yard have inspired you, give us a call here at Art of the Yard in Denver. Our expert staff has lots of experience and we can help you choose just the right feature for your space. There’s no reason that you can’t have a little slice of paradise in your own backyard. Now is a perfect time – we can install it in time for you to enjoy all summer long!

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