3 Steps to Enjoying a Water Feature in a Cold Climate

Water Feature in a Cold Climate from Art of the Yard DenverModern fountain or rambling waterfall. The gentle sound of water adds just the right touch to a peaceful afternoon in your backyard.

But if you live here in Denver, you may be unsure if you can even install a custom water feature because of the damage that the winter months might cause.

So, is a water feature in a cold climate possible? The experts at Art of the Yard  say, yes.

Serving the metro Denver area, we’ve had great success in providing our customers with ponds and water features even though our temperatures drop quite a bit in the winter.

The Secret to Having a Water Feature in a Cold Climate

The first step is to use the right materials. While you’re welcome to provide our design experts with photos and other inspiration for what you want in a custom water feature, keep in mind that the final design and buildout may need to be adjusted for our climate here in Colorado.

Time and again, we’ve found that a strong, sturdy stone holds up the best even in snow and freezing temperatures – as long as you take good care of it over the years.

Beyond stone, our experts at Art of the Yard in Denver can provide more options for materials best suited for cold weather so that we can achieve the water feature design you desire.

The second step in ensuring the long life of a water feature in a cold climate is to take proper care of it. Depending on your fixture, this will be different and may require an expert to assist with preparing for winter and bringing your water feature back to life in spring.

You may simply be able to drain the water out before it starts to freeze to prevent expanding pools of water from damaging your water feature.

If it’s small enough, it’s possible that you can just move it inside for the winter or purchase a cover to keep the snow off and maintain just a touch more warmth than in the surrounding air.

Step 3, Hire the Right Pond and Water Feature Experts

As you can see, it’s not that difficult to have beautiful garden water features even if you live in a cold climate. But it’s best to work with the experts in water features – like Art of the Yard.

We know exactly what materials you can use and what kind of maintenance it will require.

You can rely on the trusted services of Art of the Yard to design, build, and install the perfect water feature that adds the character and creates the tranquil escape you desire. So why wait?

Now you know that you can have a water feature in a cold climate and it won’t be damaged when the first good freeze comes along. So, there’s no need to deny yourself the beauty and tranquility of adding one to your front or backyard – or both.

Give us a call to discuss your ideas and request a free, no-obligation quote.

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