There are two primary approaches to dealing with your backyard pond for the winter.  Either you shut it down for the season, or you prepare it to survive through the cold season.  Whichever type of pondwinterization you choose, ArtoftheYardcan come get your pond all set for the upcoming winter.  Cleaning it out for the season is relatively simple in concept, but can actually take a lot of work, and then you will have to have your pond re established in the spring, so many people choose pondwinterization by way of keeping it up and running but in cold weather mode. 

 It is important when you winterizeyourpond that you have it well cleaned and either move any fish you have to an indoor home if you are emptying your pond, or to prepare them for the cold season by feeding them a lower protein food mixture.    As long as your pond is more than 30 inches deep, your fish will have unfrozen water under the surface to spend the winter in, but deeper is better, and a 5-10 foot pond is best for winterizationwith fish.  ArtoftheYardinDenver has all of the answers to your pondwinterization questions, so call today.

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