Finding The Right Landscaping Designer For Your Home

Given the wide selection of landscaping designers in Denver, it’s  important to find the right company to raise your outdoor living experience.

There are fountains, ponds, falls and other water features available, many people have difficulty selecting a feature for their unique landscapes and personal tastes. Use these two tips to narrow down your options:

  1. Think about how a feature might impact your enjoyment of the landscape and, conversely, how the landscape might impact your enjoyment of the feature. For example, a fountain under a tree usually looks dirty from leaf buildup and tannin stains. On the other hand, a natural style waterfall down the side of a slight hill under trees can look idyllic without the ugly leaf mess.
  2. Consider the type of statement you’re trying to make with the feature. If you want it to be the focus of a garden, then consider a large noticeable one like a tall classical water fountain or medium-sized koi pond. To draw attention to specific plants or a garden theme, consider smaller features that blend in with the landscape like ground-level bubbling, wall spout or bowl fountains.

At Art Of The Yard, our experts know how to help clients pick the right water features for their landscapes and needs. We’re your Denver custom water feature contractor and landscape company. Call today for more information.

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